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A Taste Of Orange County, Ca

CubeKing is a nationwide business, but if home is where the heart is then our heart is in beautiful Orange County, in Southern California. This area is both home to our new warehouse, and center of our national operation.

Every city is unique. It has its most popular restaurants and venues, famous heroes, and its own business climate. As business owners in Orange County we’d like to share news that matters to fellow small and large business owners in the area

Of course, the biggest news today in these parts is about the graffiti against President Obama, scrawled on a building in Santa Ana, and the suspicious package near Disneyland that turned out to a geocache (what’s that?) – but did you know about these?

For starters, the Orange County Business Journal is offering a chance to promote your business, for free! In September they plan to publish a list of Best Places to Work in the journal, and any business can take part. In order to be chosen for the list you need to take part in a survey that will verify whether or not your company complies with their best practices the journal recommends.

While this may not impact your business directly, as fellow small business owners we send a shoutout to the owner of the Frog House, a famous surf shop in Newport Beach. The Frog House is in danger of being closed due to zoning laws that have recently been implemented. You can join the effort to save the Frog House by visiting the Facebook page with said name.

Last, you have a chance to help education here in Orange County by simply buying coffee or tea. The Coffee Bean will be selling a special coffee blend and a special tea blend that are distinctly Orange Countian in flavor, and will donate $1 to Orange County schools for every bag sold. Our vote is to buy one just to see what Orange County tastes like!
That’s the update for today, but hang in there until next week – when we’ll be back.

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