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Used Storage and Filing Cabinets

In 1975 BusinessWeek predicted a paperless office by 1990. Twenty years later, most office dwellers will tell you that while there might be less paper, offices are definitely not paperless. Therefore, we still need ways to organize and declutter our paperfull offices. Imagine a world where tax forms and employee files and invoices and contracts had a home, and an address. That’s what we have filing cabinets for. They are sleek, neat and can be an island of calm in a sea of creative chaos. Filing cabinet sizes are varied enough to fit unobtrusively in the corner, line a wall, or double as dividers or counter tops. There are plenty of options in color, design, and function to meet any need, so browse our selection or contact us to see how we can accommodate your filing needs.

Take advantage of our amazing savings over new filing cabinets, and put that money to good use in other areas like Marketing and Inventory.

CubeKing carries one of the largest selection of used file cabinets in the world! Check out our many different selections of used file cabinets whether you need Grade A lateral files, flat filing cabinets, or vertical files. We offer many trusted file cabinet brands including: Steelcase used file cabinets, Haworth cabinets, and HON used file cabinets.

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