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Serpentine ‘Q’ AMQ237


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Product Description

Herman Miller (6 x 4) Stations    Model #:AMQ237

Herman Miller Stackable ‘Q’    

Herman Miller Serpentine ‘Q’
Description:These used Herman Miller Stackable Q Serpentine workstations offer a uniquely simplistic design combined with a stylish look that could compliment any workspace.The Q systems are highly configurable with the capability of stacking panels to provide privacy to suit both individual, as well as, collective needs.  Another distinct element that lends to the elegance of these systems is the glass accent tiling which can be configured to line to top of cubicle walls.  PRICE:  $ 745 each station when sold in Cluster Layout design
In Stock: 20
Price: Contact us about special pricing!Details
Fabric:  Birchbark Foxglove (5N01)
Surface Laminate:  Just Tan (JT)
Trim:   Medium Tome (MT)
  • 6 x 6 workstations
  • 53”H
  • File mobile pedestal
  • Whiteboard
  • Curvilinear corner work surfaces

20 IN STOCK!!! PED Optional

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