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Used Office Furniture

Used office furniture from high-end manufacturers is better quality and more affordable than new office furniture from lower-end manufacturers

In fact, sometimes the furniture is virtually unused. We buy from big businesses some of which were prepared for expansions that never happened. And so the used office furniture in their facilitates was very lightly and sometime not used at all.

CubeKing has over 20 years of experience, outfitting everything from home offices to Fortune 500 companies with top-of-the-line used office furniture. Over the past few decades, we have developed a worldwide network that allows us to find purchase used office furniture in excellent, like-new, condition. All of our used office furniture, such as Cubicles, Chairs and Seating, Conference Tables, Executive Desk Suites and more are procured from companies that are downsizing, merging, moving, or closing. After rigorous inspections, it is professionally disassembled, packed, and shipped to our warehouse where it is stored with great care and offered to you for a fraction of the original price. Please take a look at our current selection of used office furniture and call us today at 888-399-7025 for assistance or information. We may also have recently acquired furniture not yet listed.

In addition to used office furniture and cubicles, CubeKing has fantastic deals on new office furniture as well. Maximize productivity, comfort, and value by making us your definitive source for all your new and used office furniture needs. Companies purchasing their office furniture both new and used from us can expect savings greater than 40% over similar quality office furniture brands.